Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Outdoor School

Our school

We take schooling very seriously and our outdoor school is essential to us for jumping, it is great for educating young horses to gain balance when schooling before heading out to the bigger Easy fix fences on the grass. It is also a great alternative and change to schooling on the grass.

The Rolling Pit


The Rolling Pit is a nice addition to the yard, it’s a great way for horses to have a pick of grass and a roll after exercise, I believe you can tell a lot about a horses well being if they enjoy a roll.

The Water Splash


Our water splash, conveniently located close to the gallop, is a great aid not only for a refreshing post-exercise cool down but also hugely beneficial to the health of our horses legs. Walking through cold water, helps to cool and tighten muscles and tendons following strenuous exercise as well as allowing the horses to relax and enjoy playing in the water after their morning work.

Horse Walker

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We find our five horse Monarch walker an invaluable tool for warming up, cooling down and for muscle tone. It is also the first step back on the road to recovery for any injured horse, and provides a safe and secure environment for the early stages of fitness training for horses coming back into work after a break. Our walker floor has been done by Equigrip, this is a new innovative rubberised anti slip overlay to ensure a safe surface for the horses to walk on.

Deep Sand Gallop


The 300m oval deep sand gallop is a crucial asset to our training method we use this gallop on a daily basis its between 10 to 12″ deep and helps us get the horses steady work done all year round regardless of the weather conditions, the deep surface really makes the horses work but in a controlled and settled rhythm.

Straight Gallop


Our Straight carpet gallop is used alongside the deep sand, they do the majority of the fast work on this gallop which is great for getting the horses upsides at speed.