Racing Staff Week – Celebrating our team

This week is #RacingStaffWeek which celebrates the roles of all the amazing people who work in our wonderful industry.

Horse Racing is a wonderful sport with a dedicated team.

Here we introduce some of the great work that our team do on a daily basis that means our yard runs smoothly and gives the horses the top care.

Jack – Head Lad

Jack is a valued member of the team and works alongside Sam with the day to day running of the yard. He has many years experience in racing which is essential for running the yard.

  • Jack’s favourite horse – Yambocharlie
  • One to watch this year – Lepashe
  • Fun fact about Jack – Love it or hate it he is a Liverpool supporter! And shares his birthday with our Conditional Jockey Ben.

Chloe – Apprentice

Chloe has racing in her blood! She joined us 2 years ago after completing her NVQ apprenticeship at the British Racing School. Chloe is very good at making sure all the horses are kept tidy and race ready.

  • Chloe’s favourite horse – Bitasweetsymphony
  • One to watch this year – Money For Jam
  • Fun fact about Chloe – She has her work cut out being the only full time female working for us!

Ben – Conditional Jockey

Ben joined us last season as our Conditional Jockey. He has been a great asset to schooling and work riding and hopefully won’t be long before he gets a winner!

  • Ben’s favourite horse – Howyouplaythegame
  • One to watch this year – Rehill Relic
  • Fun fact about Ben – There isn’t many pubs around Bradford that he hasn’t been on a date in!


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